Philosopher Technologists

So, I found Amber today on Twitter. I forget exactly how. Anyway, she was, or so I thought, an IT person saying philosophically interesting things. Now, she has revealed that, in fact, SHE’S A PHILOSOPHER! I should have known.

fragments of amber

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my philosophy degree has shaped my thinking, and how many people I meet in my workworld that have philosophy degrees. In fact I was discussing that with David Mossley  just recently.

I’ve been forming a little theory about why that is, and this evening I just read a post by Professor Peter Bradley, a philosopher about why there are not very many visible philosophers in the “digital humanities” field. It didn't quite match my perception of the digital space, so I got to thinking I might write this post after all.

Way back I heard an episode of the Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC Radio 4, where they were debating philosophers vs scientists. It struck me as rather a “what did the philosophers ever do for us”? question.

In everyday language, philosophy is seen as:

  • Complacent: being philosophical about it =…

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