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Reflections on Triangle SCI 2015 from @CameronNeylon:

What struck me as we prepared for our final presentations was that these narratives of scarcity don’t just limit us in the world of publication. I am lucky enough to have been to quite a few meetings where great people are sequestered together to think and discuss. These meetings always generate new ideas, exciting projects and life changing insights that somehow dissolve away as we return to our regular lives. The abundance of these focussed meetings, abundance of time, abundance of expertise, abundance of the attention of smart people gives way to the scarcity of our day to day existence. The development of these new ideas falters as it has to compete with scarce time of individuals. When time can be found it is asynchronous, and patchy. We try to make time but we never seem to be able to find the right kind of time.

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register for the accelerated academy | Mark Carrigan

This three-day conference investigates the techniques of auditing and their attendant practices and effects and will also probe into scholars’ complicity in reproduction of such practices. It will consider processes of social acceleration within the academy and their implications for the management of everyday activity by those working within it.


register for the accelerated academy

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Scholarly Communications Institute 2015

This is where I am right now. Really interesting time so far. I knew 3 people in real life, and several more (mostly via Twitter) before I arrived. Lots of smart folks here.

You can follow what we’re doing on Twitter using #Trianglesci.