PhyloPic Phryday Photo

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

Triceratopsina by Matt Martyniuk.

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

Chaetodontinae by Anonymous.

Altmetrics — Meretricious or Meritorious?

I think Jeffrey Beall has got this wrong. He claims that altmetrics are an “Ill-conceived and Meretricious Idea.”

On the other hand, I think Euan Adie has got this right. Here is his measured response (sorry, couldn’t resist) to Beall.

So, I come down on the meritorious side. Of course, none of this is to say that altmetrics are without flaws. But one thing they are decidedly good for is connecting academic researchers to those who read their research. That’s what scholarly communication is all about, in my book (sorry again).

First days teaching at Georgia Tech

So, I walked into my first class on Monday morning around 8:30am. The class doesn’t start until 9:05am; but it’s in the same building as my office, and I wanted to figure out the computer, screen, lights, etc. before students arrived.

I’m going to have to start getting up earlier if I’m going to beat them into class. There were already 7-10 students present. More than half an hour early. For a philosophy class.

“Y’all are here early,” I remarked casually, trying to hide my surprise. “Yes sir,” they replied, very nearly in unison.

Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at this from freshman convocation (thanks to @ReplyCollective for pointing this out to me).

One hell of an engineer, indeed. I’m looking forward to this year. Should be fun.

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

Musa acuminata by Evan-Amos (vectorized by T. Michael Keesey).

PhyloPic goes Warholic.


I have accepted an offer to become Visiting Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am thrilled to return to Atlanta for a year. I am also thrilled to join the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech.

I expect to resume posting more regularly after the move. But I’ll pat myself on the back for not having missed a PhyloPic Phryday … yet!

More soon from the ATL … Hotlanta … no more Texas T.

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

PhyloPic Phryday Photo

Arecaceae by Mother Nature