‘Plan S’ and turmoil in scholarly publishing

A good summary of many different positions on Plan S from Oxford Brookes University.


Dan Croft~

In early September 2018 a number of European national research funders – including our own UKRI – joined together into cOAlition S to announce a bold new set of Open Access requirements for how the research they fund must be published. This scheme, quickly branded ‘Plan S’ by commentators, started with 10 principles that were later expanded into Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S (to which cOAlition S invited feedback).

The arguments for Open Access per se are well established and compelling (particularly considering the proportion of academic research that is publicly funded):

Publication paywalls are withholding a substantial amount of research results from a large fraction of the scientific community and from society as a whole

Why Plan S?

As such, opposition to Plan S has typically agreed with the principle of Open Access and of Plan S in general, but criticised the particulars of…

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