Calling All Thinkers — a plea for fostering diversity in thought

I am concerned that our educational system is blocking photorealistic visual thinkers like me from careers in science. Instead, we should encourage diversity in modes of thinking so that we aren’t losing the special talents of people who might contribute greatly to research and development by offering unique perspectives.

Calling All Thinkers | The Scientist Magazine®.

This is a good read. I do wish it included an image, though, beyond a photo of the author’s book cover. I often use images to try to make a similar point — that the question of impact is really a question of looking at different aspects of research, for instance. Here’s my go-to image for that claim:

Jastrow's Duck-Rabbit

It’s a simple point, but figuring out how to make it is difficult. I’m actually a big fan of the idea of involving the body somehow. I think this sort of perceptual shift is connected with our kinesthetic sense — it’s something we have to experience or feel.

If you care to get a sense of how I think, it’s shown by the ‘fact’ that I think these observations, above, are connected to both the Humboldtian idea of linking research and teaching and to my push to extend our thinking about altmetrics well beyond article-level metrics of even many different types of scholarly communication.